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I've been in the graphics business all my life, in elementary school kids used to bug me to draw stuff for them all the time...and I got out of a  bit of class work drawing stuff for the teachers.  I managed to get a couple of degrees related to art and went into business making signs... (  I still run the Sign shop, but what I really enjoy is creating and modifying images with my computer.  I work with all sorts of  computer images: vector, bitmaps, animated, transparent, and every now I  pick up a paint brush or a pencil.  I can convert your logo for web usage, design a new logo, create custom icons, and a whole lot more.

Ray Parden
P.O. Box 1736  Albany, LA 70711

Links to some of the web sites that I have created: - Signs, Decals, Labels, Hard Hat Stickers, Metal Letters, Plastic Letters, Plaques, Banners, Wooden Signs, Hang Tags.

Kahalley Lighting, Inc
Gulf Regional Childcare Management Agency  
Monte's Buildings
MBR Enterprises
Alpine Inn

Southern New Mexico State Fair



Splash Screen  for a Program

Company Logo

My Book Cover  Book Cover

Mona Lisa   Animated Gif

Self Portrait   (This ain't real pretty)

Cigar Container Labels

The Sign Shop Logo

Leadbusters Logo

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